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Taken from a report by Agent Phil Coulson

Subject Name: Unkown

Codename: The Historian.

Description: believed to be a trans-dimensional being. His apparent mission appears to be an anthropological study of Humanity. No known hostile intent. Has been observed at various locations in time. Seems Drawn to members of the Avengers, but also studies members of Xaviers School for Gifted Youngsters. Has been seen in proximity to Matt Murdoch (AKA: Daredevil) and Peter Parker (AKA:Spider Man). Attempted to attend the Wedding of Dr Reed Richards and Sue Storm (Members of the Fantastic Four) but was denied entrance. 

Recommendation: All S.H.I.E.L.D. agents are to report any sighting immediately. Do not attempt to engage, as he has been known to vanish as quickly as he appears. 

Personal Notes: The Historian is believed to have a policy of non interference. I would however like to talk to him, as he would no doubt have fascinating tales of the past.

- taken from “Headcannon Anonymous: A study in over examination of pop culture” by Professors Redheadscientist, PhD, BroTP and Moosefacekillah, PhD, BroTP

Headcannon accepted.

Oh my God.

Stan Lee is Uatu!

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