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The Iron Knight (Iron Man/Batman mashup)

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By: YaozaGraphics

Now that’s cute.

The entire DC universe is some neighborhood kids playing in the woods behind their houses, making up stories.

Clark is like “I can jump really high, and run really fast, and fly, and see through walls, and hear really far, oh, and I can blow really hard and blow all the bad guys away.

Bruce: What if they shoot you?

Clark:  They can’t, ‘cause I’m bullet proof.  They just bounce right off me and I’m all “ha ha ha” and then I break their gun.

Diana:  Yeah, well I’ve got a lasso and I’ll tie up the bad guys and beat ‘em up and they can’t shoot me because they’re dumb and I’m too fast for them.  They’ll shoot at me and I’ll hold up my bracelets and then it won’t hurt me.  And then I’ll beat ‘em up, ‘cause I’m an Amazon Princess!

Clark:  But you can’t fly!

Diana:  Can so!  I have a plane even.

Bruce:  What if the bad guys try and steal it?

Diana:  They can’t, ‘cause it’s invisible.  So there.

Bruce:  Yeah, we’ll I’m gonna have a plane too and a car and a motorcycle and I’m gonna live in a mansion.

Clark:  Bats don’t live in mansions.

Bruce:  Do so!  But I’ll have a cave too.  Like, downstairs.  And I’ll have the best computer and a dinosaur and a giant penny and a butler!

Diana:  You’re so weird!

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